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Review: Biblical Archaeology (Curriculum Pack) by:Master Books

About the Product:
Experience the biblical lands as you discover sites, artifacts, and history first revealed in God’s Word. Learn the civilizations thought to be biblical myths until the sands of time and exploration revealed their existence. From the history of Israel to the powerful Egyptian pharaohs, discover these ancient peoples and cities, and the science of finding their place in history!

Weekly Lesson Schedule
Student Worksheets
Quizzes & Test
Answer Key
10th - 12th Grade
1 Year
Bible/Archaeology 1 Credit

Package Includes:
Unwrapping the Pharaohs
Unveiling the Kings of Israel
The Archaeology Book
Lesson Plan

My Review:
 Master Books has made it real easy for those of us that wish to homeschool our children for through High School, real simple. They have taken most of their their electives and turned them in to credit building curriculum packs. so you get the pack and your child will get a full complete credit and not to leave us short but they have come up with some great ideas---some of which I hadn't thought of. My son is in 7th grade but we tend to graduate our children early usually by one to two years. So with that being said they start earning credits in 7th grade. This is one of the courses we have chosen for him to learn from and hopefully build his knowledge of the Bible. 

The Bible Archaeology Curriculum Pack is good for one full credit and it covers your child from 10th-12th grade. The set includes Unwrapping the Pharaohs, Unveiling the Kings of Israel, The Archaeology Book, as well as the lesson plan. The cost is $73.97. These books are a wealth of knowledge and can definitely help your child to gain some background information concerning the Bible and its foundation. I have summarized each of the books below.

Unwrapping the Pharaohs:
 Unwrapping the Pharaohs, is a get place to start on this exciting adventure. This book is a wealth of information on how the Pharaohs line up with the Bible. I'm so delighted as a homeschool mom to have this resource available to me. As we all know many of the Egyptians artifacts and such are not exactly that clear but with some very well thought out research and your Bible you will soon be on your way of lining everything up so that you understand it a lot more and the more clear it will become.

 Along with breathtaking photographs each chapter is dedicated to several pyramids from Ancient Egyptians well as explaining the connection that each of the beautiful artifacts contained therein that they have to the Bible and many of the individuals from the Bible such as Noah and his descendants. Many times after the annual flooding of the Nile, there would be many ruins because of the destruction it caused. As a result, subsequent Pharaohs would help themselves and remove stones from them. This, as the book states may be why so little is left of these ancient ruins.

Unveiling the Kings of Israel:
Learning about the Kings of Israel is pretty pertinent information when studying the Bible. It helps you identify the time period as well as learning more about each unique individuals that God used throughout the Bible and how He used them. This is information that I feel will be beneficial to my children. So my husband and I have tried looking for and finding books such as these that would help and enhance our children's Bible study.

 The Bible is an instruction book on life and how it should be lived but many people fail to see its cultural and historical significance. The author is able to start from the beginning and work his way to the Dead Sea scrolls. He offers us complete explanation of several dynasties during that time as well as many facts and extraordinary photographs of different artifacts. Within its 169 pages my son has an even more in depth study of the Bible and learned the history behind Israel's kings and how God used them to do a mighty work for His people.

The Archaeology Book:
This book is one of Master Books that is created to teach multiple grade levels all in one book. This one for example has three different levels. You follow along in the book based on the page color that is designated for whatever grade level you are wanting to teach.

The entire Bible, it's people and the culture during that time has a lot of archaeology and artifacts that fascinate young minds and will draw them to a deeper understanding of all the Bible has to offer. There are numerous facts in the book as well as a glossary. Each day you read the material in the book as outlined in the lesson planner and do the worksheets that are available in the lesson planner.
 Speaking from a homeschool mother that has homeschooled for 10 years believe me the less fuss over this next phase the better and these curriculum packs provide this and is a tremendous help.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review through my participation in the Moms of Master Books Review Team. 

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