Friday, November 24, 2017

Review: Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage by:Tony Evans

 Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage
About the Book:
Seek God's Grace and Power for Your Marriage Journey

What issues do you struggle with in your marriage?

Do you find it difficult to show love when you feel your needs aren't being met?
Have you held on to resentment for so long that it seems impossible to forgive?
Do you desire God's blessing and extra encouragement for the hard days?
As a believer in Christ's victory on the cross, you are not left defenseless against the enemy who seeks to destroy your union. You have authority, and it's time to draw on the power of God to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Covering topics such as communication, conflict, and healing, this collection of spiritual warfare prayers from Dr. Tony Evans will revive your prayer life and help you put on the armor of God for every issue you and your spouse face. Let Christ reign victorious in your home!

My Review:
 Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage, can become a powerful lifeline for you in a struggling marriage, especially. What most people will tell you that have had a long standing marriage is that it is a lot of work. That doesn't really change over the years, you have to keep working out at it. You don't date and then marry and then you are done. You will continuously "date" your spouse for every year that you have him or her.

 The secret to a "failing' marriage is just stop caring and stop working at it. If you do those two things before long you can just walk away because that will be all thats left to do. Tony Evans offers us insight to marital bliss and how to keep it going strong by relying on the Master to handle all problems, issues, or situations. Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage is based on the Armor of God and how to apply it to your marriage.

 This book will speak truth to you and show you how to navigate God's intended purpose for your marriage.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.