Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Product Alert!!

I recently got a chance to review some chocolate yumminess in the form of a spread. The makers at Hershey decide that they to would jump on the nut spread bandwagon an create a line of chocolate but spreads. I got one of their products to sample and review and it was yummy! My family loves these spreads and the love the Hershey brand so it wasn't hard for them to dig right in.

 We got the privilege of trying the chocolate with almond variation and it was heavenly. My boys put it on toast so that they can have it for breakfast. They are so sneaky! Hershey's spreads come in three different varieties: chocolate, chocolate with almond, and chocolate with hazelnut. Also if you go to this link, they have several recipes for you to try with your spread.
**Disclosure** I received a sample of this product for free for an honest review from Crowdtap.