Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: Anchored in Light by:Carl Prude Jr.

Anchored in Light: Understanding and Overcoming the Five Deadliest Threats to Your Faith
About the Book:
This book addresses five of the deadliest threats confronting the faith community today, and presents the keys to vibrant spiritual living in the face of unique twenty-first century challenges.

About the Author:
CARL PRUDE, JR. is a former pastor, a popular conference and workshop speaker, and a personal development specialist. He founded and directs Centermark, an organization that helps people reach new levels of personal and professional growth through discovering and developing their core strengths. He currently serves in several leadership roles at the Rock Church & World Outreach (a 23,000-member congregation in San Bernardino, California) and as part of the Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. Chaplain Corp. He lives with his family in Moreno Valley, California.

My Review:
 Threats to our faith are all around us. It doesn't take much, for many of us to be knocked off course completely. It could be problems in any of our relationships, financial difficulties, or it could just be a really bad day. Those little upsets lead to big problems down the road if not handled properly leading to major catastrophes.

 The author Carl Prude, points out something that God had laid upon his heart right before the death of his father.  It was to be called the five anchors, I have outlined them below (as per the book).

Space Yourself- is a way of understanding the interactive component of the relationship between God and man. It helps us see that a relationship through the lens of trust-Gods definition of trust not ours. 

Pace Yourself- when the pace of our lives is fully synchronized with God, it elements the deceptive claims of the Fury.

Waste Yourself- the prescription of purging soul trash from our pasts as well as disposing of the soul trash that comes at us throughout the day. This anchor helps you cut the ties between the pain from your past, the possibilities of your present, and the promises of your future.

Place Yourself- has to do with meeting the demands of the roles you have been given(bread winner, homemaker, spouse, parent, friend, etc.) as well as the calling placed on your life (teacher, youth worker, pastor, etc.) by taking full advantage of how God has uniquely equipped you.

Grace Yourself- grace achieves God's purposes by means of Gods plans. Not only does grace work to complete what God wants but it also works to complete it the way God wants it done.

These five key anchors are what helps us to overcome the Five Furies that cause the "Lost in Faith Experience". In Anchored in Light, the author describes in full- this experience and shows you the 5 anchors based on Biblical scripture that you can use to overcome them. This book is very helpful in training you to stay focused on the goal of living in God's will.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from ACU/Leafwood Press.