Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Despicable Me 2 Blu-Ray

About the Movie:
 Sticky doesn't begin to describe Gru's new life: the ex-supervillain has given up his villainous ways and he and Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) have settled into the legitimate business of making jellies and jams with the help of his army of minions. Parenting is no less sticky, and the fact that Gru will go to any length to ensure the happiness of his adopted girls Agnes, Edith, and Margo is evident by the elaborate birthday party he's throwing for Agnes that includes a live unicorn and a princess named Gruzinkerbell. Anti-Villain League operative Lucy Wild (Kristen Wiig) kidnaps Gru after the party, using an arsenal of spy gadgetry that would make James Bond jealous, and the agency solicits his help in apprehending a criminal who's made an entire secret lab disappear from the Arctic Circle and stolen a dangerous transmutation formula.

 The lure of excitement tempts Gru, and he and Lucy set up an undercover operation in a bakery in Paradise Mall, the minions start cranking out cupcakes, and Gru and Lucy begin investigating their fellow business owners. Meanwhile, Agnes pines for a mother, Margo finds her first boyfriend, Dr. Nefario takes a more exciting job, a slew of minions go missing, and Gru staunchly refuses to enter the dating scene. Little does Gru know that his whole life is about to change once again. The minions and their antics are quite funny in this second film, and, for the 10-and-under crowd, they completely steal the show.

My Review:
 Ever since the minion craze has hit the digital air waves my children have been hooked. And the second movie in the series is just as great as the first if not better. My favorite part was the Agnes' birthday party scene when the fairy princess didn't show up to entertain the party guests. Then what Gru does next was so incredibly sweet and Agnes' response to it was priceless. This movie is sure to make you laugh and shed a tear or two.

Gru is suddenly thrust back out into the work force, his former career that he had recently left to raise his precious daughters. The reason being is that El Macho,the evil genius behind the newest rush to take over the world is on the loose and has some dirty tricks up his sleeve. So the Anti-Villain League recruit Gru to capture this guy and save the world. The pull of trying to keep the world safe, a world that also holds his precious daughters makes it very hard for Gru not to want to take care of this evil villain. What is this Dad going to do to protect them?

 The release date was December 10, 2013, so its still in circulation so hurry to your nearest retailer to check this movie out! You will be glad you did! It is available in DVD or Blu-Ray and its suggested retail price is $19.99 for the Blu-Ray/DVD release.

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