Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Who You Callin' Silly?:How A Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous by:Kimberly R. Lock

Who You Callin' Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous
About the Book:
First time author Kimberly Lock challenges women to look into the spiritual mirror. A Christian book unlike any other, Lock has written an engaging and thought-provoking bible study about the nature of unconditional love, forgiveness, feminine strength, and power.

As Kimberly Lock states, “There’s no need to be ashamed of past mistakes…The beauty of it all is that Christ accepts us as we are and forgives us. The key is YOU have to be willing to forgive yourself.” By using her personal life and experiences as a prime example, Kimberly Lock encourages women to harness their feminine strength and have power over past silly experiences.
Kimberly R. Lock
About the Author:
Kimberly R. Lock assists her husband in the business aspects of running Unity Gospel House of Prayer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has several thousand members. In addition, she is a soloist in the choir and a member of the church s Praise Dance Team. Kimberly also administers UGHOP's website, Facebook and Twitter, which broadcast daily messages of spiritual encouragement. She is also the mother of five children. Women from all walks of life are drawn to her for spiritual guidance. Her character is calm and meek, while her style is simply classy. She is a woman of few and selected words, reflecting her passionate devotion to the Lord and her heart s commitment to developing women spiritually.

My Review:
 As wives we are called to be a blessing to our husbands and children. A part of that blessing occurs when we know who we are in Christ as an individual. Many times its best that we learn this prior to starting a family. As single women we owe it to ourselves and our future families to get this journey started before they come along.

 Kimberly Lock has written the best "go-to" guide on a being a single woman in today's society and how to keep our mind on our God and what he has planned for our future. This is vitally important because our future mate can cause us to stumble in this area if we aren't careful and discerning. She doesn't leave us hanging on the issue because she goes on to address wives and mothers. While offering guidance, she also provides a set of virtuous assessment questions at the end of each chapter.

 Kimberly Lock has placed in our hands the ideas, encouraging words and guidance that God has placed on her heart to reach out to women in any type of relationship and situation. To show them that they to can become that virtuous woman that Proverbs 31 refers to.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.