Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: The Undertaker's Wife by:Dee Oliver

The Undertaker's Wife: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Laughter in the Unlikeliest of Places
About the Book:
On Dee Branch s first date with Johnnie Oliver, a fourth-generation funeral director, she knew she was in for a unique relationship when he had to leave for just a minute and he came back to the car with a corpse.

Over twenty years later, Dee was still in love with her charming Southern gentleman when he passed away suddenly in 2007. Determined to carry on Johnnie s work, Dee earned her mortuary science degree, only to find herself barred from reentering the family business. And so Dee crossed the racial divide in the most segregated industry in America and joined the staff of an African-American funeral home as a single white woman.

In The Undertaker's Wife, Oliver draws from her wealth of experience to provide candid and often hysterically funny advice on dying well and surviving the loss of those who have gone before. Her insights on the common ground of grief, survival, and the ever-present faithfulness of God (to all of us, regardless of our race, religious upbringing, or socio-economic background) will help readers prepare for one of life s only certainties and do it with wisdom, grace, and a healthy dose of joy."

My Review:
 Dee Branch never thought in a million years she would fall for an undertaker. Much less that she would marry him and have three little girls. After twenty years of marriage, many ups and downs, and tons of funerals later, she never knew she would be standing where she is now. With her handsome husband buried, like the countless ones he himself buried before. With three girls to feed and clothed, what is she to do now? And after years of helping widows, widowers, and grievers alike mourn their lost, should she not have a problem helping herself along in the process? Questions follow one after another. Why did he die? What do I do now? Do I have to start dating? Day after day, she has to live with the questions, the wonder.

 She decides to follow in her husbands foot-steps and become an undertaker in order to take care of her children. But when every funeral home in town refuse to allow her to work, she finds a glimmer of hope when she is allowed to intern for an African-American funeral home. With Christ by her side, she feels like she can do anything even if there may be racial divide. She knows God is taking care of her every step of the way, even if it sometimes seems He is absent when she needs Him most.

Based on a true story, the authors' have a wonderful way with words. This book will make you laugh and cry. It is truly a wonderful book!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Look.