Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Isthmus by:Gerard LaSalle

Isthmus: A Novel (Widow Walk Saga Book 2)
About the Book:
It is 1860 and revolution is erupting throughout the world over universal emancipation. Civil war looms in the Unites States. In the midst of it all, a young woman is moving back to Boston with what is left of her family, devastated and bankrupted by savage, tragic events that occurred less than a year ago in the Pacific Northwest. They traverse a hostile terrain on the new Panama isthmus railroad, the most modern transportation in the world. From inside their coach they watch the humid forest, a different type of green from what they knew up north, slipping fast past, a warm verdant blur. Looking down the aisle they see an uncomfortable array of fellow travelers, an international mix of characters with whom they will get to know all too well . . . each with hidden hopes and dreams . . . predators and victims, desperadoes and hangmen, widows and widow makers. A convenient ride through the jungle. An inconvenient assault. A run for their lives.

My Review:
Bocamalo, an Indian, has seen many things as a child. How abusive men were to his mother, Ava, and everything she had to go through to raise him. Changing his name to Rafael and boarding a train, his plan to evade his past, seems to be going all to well.

Emmy mourns her husband’s death whole heartily, but with her mother so close to death she must board a train with her son Jacob, her daughter Sarah, and an Indian boy named Jojo.

Scarpella, a father to two young children, cares to do nothing more to care for his family. He, his children, and his wife Lita, board a train in hopes of a new home.

The train heads for Boston, but a man named Foil has other plans for the train. With the cargo in his sight, he will stop at nothing to make the train stop, before it finally meets it’s destination.

Isthmus, the sequel to Widow Walk, follows Emmy and her journey to healing and to her mother in Boston. But things change, and she is stripped of many things including her family and bare necessities.  But finds help in one of the most unlikeliest men. But he too, may have ulterior motives.

Isthmus is an amazing book! I enjoyed each character and their influence on the story. The author did an amazing job and I hope to see another book in the future!

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.