Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Review: Eat at Home Tonight by:Tiffany King

 Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Deliciously Simple Dinner Recipes for Even the Busiest Family Schedule
**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own. 

About the Book:
 Founder of the Eat at Home website and family meal-planning wizard Tiffany King shares recipes focused on simplicity, flavor, and healthy balance to help home cooks end every day with an affordable family dinner.

A popular food blogger with 8.5 million page views, Tiffany King's debut cookbook is crafted for those nights "when life happens." This is the cookbook to turn to when all hope of a homemade, wholesome dinner seems lost: when the fridge is empty, when it's already 8pm, when one kid has soccer practice and the other dance, when there's no time for cleanup because homework has to get done. Just like her blog, King's book is tirelessly encouraging and realistic. The recipes feature bright vegetables and affordable pantry ingredients. The book, uniquely arranged by "excuses includes sidebars with mealtime conversation starters and helpful cooking hints.

My Review:
 There is nothing in the world like a new cookbook. I'm a foodie so I absolutely love cooking and trying new foods as well as dishes. Gourmet or country cooking, does not matter. Throw it at me!

 Eat at Home Tonight, is the perfect mix of gourmet type cooking, down home cooking and quick and easy. With this cook book you will definitely be exposed to new flavors, at least I was. I was also pleasantly surprised to see slow cooker and instant pot recipes all in one book. I don't have to buy two different cookbooks when its all in one. While my favorite cooking method is my stove I wasn't short-handed there either. Tiffany King, the author has helped with that too.

 My Favorite Chicken and Dumplings was really good and tested just like my own. The author gives you three different cooking methods in which to cook them--which was great. Favorite sweet recipe was the Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream--perfect for a hot summers day today in Alabama.

 Within the 200 pages of thus cookbook lies some really great family recipes for the on the go family. Ingredients can be thrown into the slow cooker and done by the time everyone meets up again for dinner. The author combined some really good, delicious recipes for us to enjoy.

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