Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review:Authors&Artists by Mrs. Lorrie Flem

This months Gabby Mom's review is Mrs. Lorrie Flem's Authors&Artists. This book of writing prompts is an excellent edition to any Bible curriculum,writing curriculum or character studies you may be doing in your home school. There are many different things to write about such as family,tattletales,honesty, Heaven and many, many more. There are even ones on the Fruits of the Spirit and Holidays. These prompts could easily be adapted to any age child. My 7 year old and I flipped through the book and read many. But I believe what really stuck out to us the most was the one about Honesty. There was an incident once involving a certain 7 year old and a cinder block. Needless to say this incident involved him getting hurt something he was going to slip past me. He lied about it which led to another lie which led to another lie and continue to snow ball from there. And before you know it we found out that he had a partner in crime. It was awful. He immediately brought up this incident and we talked about how he made a mistake not coming to me right away especially since he got hurt. I think that experience was a real eye opener for him. Of course his dishonesty hasn't come to an end. But a mother can dream, can't she?
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 Fortunately for all of us Lorrie has even wrote a book similar to this one for our little lambs that prefer to draw.
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**Disclaimer** I received this product for free for my honest review as a mom in the Gabby Mom program.


  1. sounds like a winner whichever we book we use!

  2. My daughter LOVES Artists & Authors! She's 7, too! Isn't it interesting how they don't need to be taught to lie? :-(