Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Reading for Our Homeschool

 For our school we usually try to take it easy in November and December. Now don't get me wrong we still do our Math and English assignments but instead of the boys reading to me. I change it up and read to them. Which they LOVE because at least one of them doesn't like reading very much. This year I have chosen three that I think they will enjoy. Here are my choices:

Christmas At Fairacre By Miss Read
 Have a happy Christmas in the English countryside with a volume of three heartwarming holiday tales from Miss Read.
As frost sparkles on cottage roofs and smoke rises from chimneys, the English village of Fairacre is a perfect vision of Christmas joy — but even in this cozy community, celebrations of the season do not always go as expected. In this enchanting holiday collection, Miss Read shares three of her most beloved and memorable Christmas tales.
In Village Christmas, the Emery family is preparing to celebrate their first Christmas in Fairacre, having moved from London just three months before, and to welcome the birth of their fourth child. When the unexpected happens on Christmas morning, their new neighbors, the elderly Waters sisters, are fortunately nearby to lend a hand.
The Christmas Mouse takes us to the nearby village of Caxley. Mrs. Berry has just finished her Christmas Eve preparations when a winter storm brings two visitors seeking refuge to her hospitable home. Their chance encounter will make this an unforgettable Christmas for them all.
In No Holly for Miss Quinn, a family emergency disrupts Miss Quinn’s plans for a quiet and fuss-free holiday. She agrees to look after her brother’s three young children while their mother is ill and soon finds herself swept away by holiday traditions, the infectious enthusiasm of the children, and the surprising arrival of someone from her past.
For uplifting reading, no one rivals Miss Read. Her delightful Christmas tales brim with good cheer and the spirit of Christmas itself.

Christmas Treasury By Louisa May Alcott
A publishing first - the first and only complete collection of all Louisa May Alcott's Christmas short stories and novellas. Louisa May Alcott has been loved for generations of readers for her timeless stories like Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys. Few authors have equaled her ability to bring characters to life in such a way that readers truly care for and believe in them-and are inspired to be like them. Now for the first time, all of Alcott's known Christmas short stories and novellas have been gathered into a single exquisite collection, which is sure to brighten the holidays for book lovers. Readers of all ages will cherish these fifteen enchanting tales filled with hope, sorrow, faith, joy, redemption, strength, and goodness. Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury is a wonderful gift for oneself or a loved one.

Main Street  'Tis the Season By Ann M. Martin
The holiday season comes to Camden Falls in this remarkable new novel from Ann M. Martin.
Christmas is coming to Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby don't know how to feel about it; it's their first Christmas without their parents, and the memories are both happy and sad. Luckily, Flora and Ruby are surrounded by people who care about them -- from their grandmother Min to their friends Olivia and Nikki, who are dealing with challenges of their own. There's also an unexpected visitor: Flora and Ruby's aunt, whose presence promises to shake things up. It's going to be a Christmas that nobody ever forgets....

Hopefully we will get to all three. They seem like really good books. You can purchase each of these on Amazon pretty cheaply. Here are the links just click on a title: Christmas at Fairacre , Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury, & 'Tis the Season.

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