Monday, November 12, 2012

Review:World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today by:James P. Stobaugh

About the Book:
Respected Christian educator, Dr. James Stobaugh, offers an entire year of high school world history curriculum in an easy to teach and comprehensive volume. World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today employs clear objectives and challenging assignments for the twelfth grade student. This study will help students develop a Christian world view while forming his or her own understanding of world history trends, philosophies, and events. The following components are covered for the student:
  • Critical thinking
  • Examinations of historical theories, terms, and concepts
  • History makers who changed the course of history
  • Overviews and insights into world views.
 This 288-page student resource should be used in conjunction with the World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today for the Teacher. American History and British History are included in this comprehensive high school history curriculum for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades offered by Dr. James Stobaugh and Master Books.

About the Author:
 Dr. James Stobaugh was a Merrill Fellow at Harvard and holds degrees from Vanderbilt and Rutgers universities, and Princeton and Gordon-Conwell seminaries. An experienced teacher, he is a recognized leader in homeschooling and has published numerous books for students and teachers. He and his wife Karen have homeschooled their four children since 1985.

My Review:
As usual Dr. James Stobaugh has hit a home run. With all of us homeschoolers in mind he has helped us all by introducing our children to World History. I reviewed the student text so I was privledged to get to observe the marvelous pictures that were included in the text and the wondrous world opened up to my children in the book  World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today. If you are looking for a curriculum that has been all laid out for you then the waiting stops now. The author has included everything all mapped out for you. Just a snippet from the book includes:
~Narrative Background: background on the period.
~ Critical Thinking Questions: questions based roughly on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
~Concepts/Generalizations: terms, concepts, and theories to be learned.
~History Maker: a person(s) who clearly changed the course of history.
~Historiographies or Historical Debate: an examination of historical theories surrounding a period or topic.
~World View Formation: An overview of historical understandings of who God is. There is also a subsection where we examine important thinkers of the period/topic.
~History & World View Overview: an overview of world views.

There are 34 chapters included in the book representing 34 weeks of study. And according to the author your child will only need a pencil and a notepad. The author has taken us on adventure in his newest book. You children will definitely enjoy the ride. To find out more look below at the book trailer. To find out more about New Leaf Publishing Group or Master Books just go here. Also you can purchase this book through their website here.

**Disclaimer** This book was provided to me for free through the New Leaf Publishing Group blogging program for my honest review.

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