Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: You,Your Family and the Internet by:David Clark

About the Book:
 How may Christians better understand the dangers and opportunities offered by the Internet? This excellent resource, written by an expert in the field, explains and illustrates what the technologies are and guides readers to draw on biblical principles (such as self-control and accountability) to help them to apply these to the dangers at hand. It also encourages believers to make the best use of opportunities that arise from judicious use of the World Wide Web.

About the Author:
David Clark was born and brought up in a missionary family working in France. A Bible believing Christian since the age of 15, he is active in his local Evangelical and Reformed church in England, where he lives after spending a number of years in the USA. He has worked with computer technology for over 30 years, has a degree in Computer Science and Electronics, and carried out Postgraduate research into the uses of Artificial Intelligence in the design of silicon chips. He owns and runs a consultancy company that carries out technology related work for the UK and US governments. He has published a number of technical papers at various conferences, ranging from the use of Artificial Intelligence, to Risk Analysis. He has also served on the boards of Evangelical Times and Evangelical Press, as well as working in publishing in the Russian and Chinese languages.

My Review:
 In a world where technology is advancing at a rate faster than we can keep up with. And with new trends beginning almost instantaneously. Author David Clark has decided to write this book to share with us all, the need for social media. But also the downfall or unsafe practices that go along with becoming involved with sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is the number one guide we should, as anyone not living under a rock or as a Christian, own and keep beside us when ever we have a question or concern involving the internet.

 Mr. Clark has went on to prove in alot of instances over the years and throughout time and history that the media has played a role in making news stories even bigger by exaggerating the details of any news event to astronomical proportions. For example, by showing us how people have went as far as to organize riots and things of the like, totally and completely online. The author has also placed in this book how internet marketing has evolved over the years. Did you know that anytime you are on a site especially one that does not involve you purchasing anything that YOU have actually become "the product"? We are presenting ourselves on a silver platter to these websites as better targets for marketing trends and schemes.

 The author intends on showing you that even as a Christian you are able to safely utilize the internet and do so effectively. He shows us that yes, there are dangers but we can live in this technologically advanced society and still be safe and in the know. He has also shown us that while many people out there in cyber space are intending to use the internet for evil purposes. It is still an excellent resource at our disposal that we can do much good with. The author made a statement in the book about the Apostle Paul and how he would probably use the internet if it were invented while he walked the earth. I chuckled at the thought. I had never quite thought of it in such a way. But you know what? He probably would have. He appeared to be a man not afraid to do anything to advance the kingdom. Oh, if only I could be so BOLD.

**Disclosure** I received this book for free from Cross Focused Reviews for my honest review.


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  1. Jalynn,

    Thanks for being a part of the You, Your Family and the Internet blog tour. I agree that David's book "is the number one guide we should, as anyone not living under a rock or as a Christian, own and keep beside us when ever we have a question or concern involving the internet."

    Shaun Tabatt
    Cross Focused Reviews