Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review:Ministering To Your Minister by: Daniel Overdorf

About the Book:
 Many ministers have seen, felt, and tasted the warmth and love of churches who care for their ministers-bills secretly paid, bags of groceries left anonymously on the front porch, gift certificates arriving in the mailbox, and bags of homegrown tomatoes and green beans left on their desks. More significant are the prayers, support, and even the accountability given by the church community. Ministering to Your Minister describes eight affirmations churches should speak frequently and act on consistently to support their ministers. These chapters include numerous practical ideas and suggestions so that, by the time we reach the final page, we will find ourselves better equipped and more excited about ministering to our ministers.

About the Author:
 After ministering for ten years with churches in Illinois and Georgia, in 2005 Daniel Overdorf joined the faculty of Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he serves as Dean of the School of Congregational Ministry and as Professor of Preaching. He holds degrees from Johnson University, Lincoln Christian University, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

My Review:
 I had never heard of Daniel Overdorf until I read this book. But he comes across as a very loving and humble servant of the Lord. In this book by Mr. Overdorf he tells us that our ministers need our support; not just financially, but through words and acts of encouragement. He proceeds to tell various stories he has himself encountered or heard. And also relates a lot of those to the Bible and how various prophets and apostles usually would have a person in their corner ready to help face this world as an encourager of the faith.

 He reminds us  of  the story of Moses holding up his staff to aid the Israelites in battle. And how as long as he held his arms up they were on the winning side but if he got tired and his arms would fall they would begin to lose. But not long into this story Aaron and Hur rushed to his aid to hold his arms up. I had never thought about how that story could relate to this subject but it most certainly does.

We were also reminded of the story of Mark and how it seemed he faltered on his first missionary trip with Paul and ended up backing out at the last moment. But good old Barnabas was able to nudge him in the right direction when another chance came up after Paul decided that Mark had, had his last chance. Because of Barnabas' encouragement Mark went on to do many great things such as compile his notes into the book of Mark.

 The minister of your church needs your love and support. Bottom line, he can perform his duties better if he knows we have his back. The author was trying to convey in several of the stories contained within the pages of this useful resource that it really helps to have encouragement from those around you. Don't try to get your minister to "measure up". Try to be as helpful and honorable as you can be. Praying for them is a great way to start the relationship with your minister off on the right foot.

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