Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review:Novare Physical Science by:John D. Mays

 Photo: The new cover image for Novare Physical Science
 Recently, I had the opportunity to review this text from Novare that is a Christian based Physical Science geared for 6-8th graders. In today's world with so many things trying to get us to turn away from God. It is very refreshing to finally have many curriculum sources pointing us to Him. That is exactly what the creator of this text would like to keep on the forefront.

Here is more from John Mays and his approach:


We reject today’s artificial conflict between faith and science. We affirm Jesus Christ as the center of all things. He is the Lord of all Creation, the one “by whom all things were made” and in whom “all things hold together” (Colossians 1). There can be no inherent conflict between faith in the One who made the world, and study of the world He made. There can only be conflict between the faith claims of those who believe in Him and those who do not.

The conflict we constantly hear about today is fueled by the irresponsible attitudes held by people on both sides of the conflict. Many Christians approach science with suspicion, leery that science contradicts the Bible, or worse, that it is the tool of an atheist agenda. Many non-Christians make the equally foolish mistake of claiming that science shows that there is no God. In fact, the reverse is the case.

The new paradigm we advocate includes significant changes to the ways teachers think and talk about the relationship between science/mathematics and the loving Creator who not only made everything, but gave creation to us as an amazing gift. God’s fingerprints are everywhere for those who have eyes to see them. In fact, we are today witnessing such a torrent of evidence for design in creation that we regularly read of physicists, biologists and philosophers who are turning from atheism to the recognition that the world we have could not have gotten here by itself.

We must help our students to see these fingerprints of God. We live in an endlessly fascinating and mysterious world, where not only do “the heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim his handiwork,” but so do atoms, lemurs, DNA, Fermat’s Last Theorem, the integrity of scientists, the transparency of our atmosphere and the Higgs Boson. This beautiful world, this breathtaking gift of God, is loaded with potential we haven’t even dreamed of yet!

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