Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review:The Journal by:Beth Harlow

About the Book:
A young Confederate soldier is given a journal as he departs for war in 1861. The little book soon falls into the hands of another and another and another. The journal travels all through the war, crossing battle lines several times and presenting thoughts from both sides of the war.
Each soldier who writes in the journal is in a different situation and each is in a different place in his relationship with God. The words that others have written in the journal have an effect on those who acquire possession of the book later, and the journal becomes quite important to each soldier.

My Review:
 This book was a very short read but very touching. I really enjoyed reading it. I am a homeschool mom so I decided to read it to my children and they enjoyed it as well. They are very fascinated with the Civil War right now so the book was a perfect addition to their school work.

 The book begins with Mary giving her fiance a blank journal as he is going off to war. Something where he can record memories that they can share when he comes home. But not soon after her fiance begins to write and record the happenings of war life the journal is found by another soldier that starts to write in it also. This little book changes hands many times and travels across enemy lines as well.

  Each person that receives the journal is helped in some way by the words of the previous writer. By the end of the book I was thinking how wonderful it would of been if this book were true and there really had been a war journal floating around like that between soldiers. Something that would of comforted them, I'm sure would of been a Godsend in a situation like that.

 This book The Journal, is Beth Harlow's first book and I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of it. I think the characters seemed very real and full of raw emotion. The connection between them and the Civil War is a brilliant concept. I look forward reading more from this author.

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