Monday, August 26, 2013

Review:She's Twelve Going On Twenty by:Kim Camp

 She's Twelve Going on Twenty: Nurturing Your Daughter Through the Tween Years
About the Book:
Especially for moms of teens and preteens, a practical, Christ-centered guide to helping your daughter grow in mind, body, and spirit.

As the mother of a young girl aged 9 to 16, you want a lot for your daughter. You want to see her soar in self-confidence and accomplishment, to navigate a safe course through the treacherous waters of school, culture, and hormones, and to grow closer to God while learning to rely on his Word. And through it all to maintain a warm, open mother-daughter relationship.

"She's Twelve Going on Twenty"offers a comprehensive, Christian approach to issues almost every mother and daughter will encounter: Identity and faith Music, movies, TV, and the Internet Boys and falling in love, sex and purity School and grades Drugs and alcohol Clothes, fads, appearance, and body language Boundaries and personal safety.

Easy-to-read and deeply personal, this invaluable book draws on a wealth of experience, careful research, and a deep grounding in the Bible and Christian faith. "Working It Out Together"at the end of each chapter provides communication starters and activities to help you and your daughter talk things out and plot a positive course together for the challenging but exciting adolescent years.

My Review:
 I will be frank, I'm a mother of one daughter and three boys. And while the boys are loud, obnoxious and VERY boisterous. Our daughter is a drama queen that drives us up the wall with her mood swings. We love her dearly  but alot of times she will be very angry or depressed and we haven't got the faintest reason why. In Kim Camp's book, She's Twelve Going on Twenty, she shows us how to nurture that relationship with your tween daughter so that the rest of her teenage years are not filled with dread.

 She has taken different ideas and issues and sorted them out for us and she has included a special section at the end of each chapter with ways a mother and daughter can come together and sort through their emotions. Maybe these points or ideas could possibly show our daughters their worth or show them how much we value you them. My own daughter and I hope to have a "girls night out" together and maybe do a Bible study together. We have already established regular talks where she can express what she is feeling or talk about any problems she may have.

 I try to always keep the line of communication open. We love our daughter and we pray that we will always have a good relationship with her. We try to keep up with who her friends are and who influences her.

 Just like our Father lets us know we are important to Him. We try to do the same for our little girl.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me for free for my honest review by  Booksneeze.

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