Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mosaics Review: Math Mammoth

 My Mosaics review for this month is a 5th grade math workbook from the Math Mammoth Light Blue series. It consists of two student worktexts (A and B), a separate answer key for each, tests, cumulative reviews, and in the download version, an additional worksheet maker (Internet access required) to make extra practice worksheets when needed. The following is what type of operations are included in each workbook.
    cover for Math Mammoth Grade 5-A Complete Worktext
  • the four operations with whole numbers
  • place value with large numbers and the judicious use of calculator
  • problem solving & simple equations
  • decimal arithmetic (all operations with decimals)
  • statistics and graphing
  • fraction arithmetic (all operations with fractions; fraction division is only dealt with in special cases)
  • geometry: review of angles, area, and perimeter; drawing circles; classifying triangles & quadrilaterals; volume of rectangular prisms

 We have been homeschooling for a decade now and my children have always enjoyed a workbook or traditional book over the more adventuresome curriculum which I am glad. Because I am alot like that in a way. I just want to get in there a get school done so I can move on to other things I enjoy. We reviewed the fifth grade work texts but other grades are available, grades 1-6 to be exact.They are available as a download or you may order them on a CD. Pricing ranges from $34-$39, depending on which version you purchase.

 These work texts or workbooks take the guess work out of math for me. They were easy for us to understand and use. We plan on using these alot more in the future.

 You can use these that I have linked here listed by grade, as full curriculum for your child or children or you can look into the other series' created to use as supplement. The creator behind Math Mammoth has made it an easy process and very affordable.

 Here is a link to their store to check out their pricing on the Light Blue Series.

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Here is a video explaining more about these great and easy to use products:

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