Monday, September 9, 2013

Review:Brooklyn Love by:Yael Levy

Brooklyn Love
About the Book:
 For any young woman, it can be hard to follow the rules … especially when you’re falling in love.
But for Rachel, Hindy, and Leah, it’s especially hard. Because as Orthodox Jews, they live by a whole different set of rules. No touching a guy—any guy!—before marriage. No dating—unless they are considering marriage—and then, only marrying a man who rates high on their parents’ checklists.

 All Rachel’s mother wants for her daughter is to see that her daughter marries well. Naturally, this is where the rich, Columbia University educated lawyer comes in. The problem is, Rachel’s already found a guy who makes her heart race. A Rabbi. But how could a struggling Rabbi possibly give Rachel the security her mother demands?

 Hindy is very pious and only wants to marry a Talmud scholar. The problem is, she’s in love with an Orthodox Jewish guy she works with. How long can she keep saying no when her heart says yes? And will she be able to stick to her values amidst temptation?

 Leah wants to be a doctor, but her mother insists she study computers even though she hates computers. Her mom, a struggling immigrant, has fixed ideas about the course to success and marriage—which doesn’t include any of Leah’s wishes. What will it take for Leah to break out of her mom’s—and community’s—expectations and follow her dreams?

 In Brooklyn Love, three Orthodox Jewish women who are caught between crushing guilt of defying their mothers and their desire to be “normal” are there for each other as they try to figure out who they really are … and what they really want.

About the Author:
A native New Yorker, Levy currently writes for The Times of Israel about her experiences as a Jewish mother now living in Atlanta. She is also studying for a Masters in Law at Emory University.
My Review:
Rachel's parents expect her to marry within the year, what makes them think that's such a good idea? She can barely make it to the wedding of a family friend, much less impress a man. Her parents think art school is a bad idea but that's all Rachel really wants. But things change in her mind when she spilled something all over a waiter at the wedding. He made her heart flutter and he gave her goose-bumps, there was just something about him that she could help but want more of. She just needed to know more about him.

Leah just wants to go to medical school and jog, is that to much to ask? Apparently. Her mom doesn't want her jogging, listening to today's music, or even going to college. All she wants is her to marry a productive man. But every man her mom sets her up with they just don't have chemistry. But one day while at school, she sees the man of her dreams. One problem though, he doesn't know who she is or even seen her.

Hindy doesn't think she's very pretty. Her hair is thinning and she doesn't like to be flashy. Her plan was to marry a Talmud scholar. But as you know life never goes as planned. She falls for a guy she works with,and hard too. As she continues to push the thoughts of him from her mind, it seems he is more and more what she's wanted the whole time.

 Blending several characters in to one book when there goals are pretty much all the same is never easy. I felt that the author has done a fabulous job with that and has put together a great read overall.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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