Monday, September 9, 2013

Review:Gold Trap by:Lilly Maytree

Gold Trap
About the Book:
I simply wanted to step out of my ordinary life and find the Divine Appointment God had planned for me. I'd read about Mary Kinglsey, and it occurred to me that if I truly wanted to share an historical biography with my students, hers was it. So (with much trepidation) I booked the cheapest tour I could find to visit the Dark Continent of Africa. Who knew I'd meet a psychic named Vidalia (after the onion?) - not that I should have been surprised (after all, Bremen Tours specialized in "Voodoo relics of the Dark Continent," or so it was emblazoned on their carry-alls, one of which I owned). But life got really strange when I met a mad (or was he drunk?) professor, a dashing prince (or possibly, the villain), a village headman (the warrior king? Or the prince of thieves?) and a witchdoctor who was neither witch nor doctor, but rather the sinister embodiment of a charlatan who preyed on tourists...and let's not forget the man who started the whole mess-an embezzler-turned-kidnapper...of me! And that's not to mention floating down a river full of crocodiles, two boys who wanted to hold me for ransom, an earthquake, a cave-in, the leopard in my bed, and a pink hippopotamus. In the end, my Divine Appointment from God held mystery, excitement and a whole lot more. Enjoy my adventure, Dear Reader, because I did!

My Review:
 Mary Kingsley was a female explorer back in the 1800's and I believe this books main character is fascinated by this woman so much so that she wishes you to many things with her life based on some of Mary Kingsley's exploits. She goes along on this trek to search for divine appointment and gets so much more adventure than she expected. I love the way the author wrote about and introduced us to the main character; Megan, she is funny and quirky. Her done to earth personality though could get her into trouble or could send her on a HUGE adventure.

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