Friday, September 13, 2013

Review:LILA, The Sign of the Elven Queen by:Mark J. Grant

 Lila: The Sign of the Elven Queen
About the Book:
Lila always knew that her big eyes made her special, but she never realized how special. She can see her invisible pet dog, Fluffy, who introduces Lila and her family to a kingdom of invisible people. Their lives are changed forever when Lila learns she's a real princess.

My Review:
Lila has always wanted a dog but already having two cats posed a problem. But one day Lila had a brilliant idea, what if she had an invisible dog? So that very day when her dad came home from work, she ran down the stairs to tell him of her wonderful idea. After they talked it over with her mom, Lila and her father went to the pet store to find her an invisible dog. When she finds him, he speaks to her in a language she understands. Having the dog of her dreams, all she wants to do is bring him to school. Well, this should be no problem because no one can see him. But Lila has no way to tell people he's there without them thinking she is crazy. So Fluffy and she must go through a whole bus ride of Fluffy almost getting sat on and almost stepped on. When she gets to school, her friend Eleanor causes a big because not only can Lila see Fluffy but also Eleanor.

Weeks Later, Lila finds out that her dog, Fluffy knows of a small race of invisible people. After meeting these invisible people, Lila and her family find out that she is a princess.  Or according to her birthmark. They go through many weeks of meetings with the invisible people before Lila is officially made a princess. But the ending was unexpected and wonderful. You won't believe who Fluffy really is.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me for free for my honest review from the publisher.

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