Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review:Worship Walk by:Gareth J. Goosen

About the Book:
"Gareth Goossen describes worship as entailing more than music, as entailing all of life. To that one can only say a hearty 'Amen.' But he does more than this, for he not only describes the goal of worship, doing so in a very down-to-earth way, but he also gives us the practical steps for progressing towards that goal. Worship does involve all of life, and I warmly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in entering into this reality." -Dr. Peter H. Davids, author, pastor, professor, and New Testament scholar

"At the very heart of worship is our longing to know and love God Worship Walk helps bring us back to that heart in a compelling way There are many powerful truths covered in this book-I love the way Gareth helps us to remember the truth of the cost of worship. God is more committed to forming his character in us than he is in providing for our comfort. This book is a timely reminder of what worship is all about and how we are to walk it out in our lives." -Brian Doerksen, world-renowned songwriter and worship leader

"Worship Walk is an amazing manual for Christian living. Gareth has taken foundational aspects of Christianity and shown them through the lens of worship. As a worship leader who has also found great joy in worshipping God through things in addition to music (mountain biking, for one), I found this book to be very affirming but also very challenging " -Kevin Boese, songwriter and worship pastor.

About the Author:
Gareth, with his wife Gayle, live in Breslau, Ontario, Canada. They have their three adult children—Chris, Dan, Carine—and three grandchildren—Ashton, Ava, Gabriel. They are actively involved in leadership responsibilities with The Meeting House—their home church in Kitchener, ON. The focus of the church is the irreligious message of Jesus and bringing his presence to the people in the community by actively engaging with them in acts of compassion. A church that is attempting to worship walk—intersecting the worship of the church with the life of the community!

My Review:
 We shouldn't look to the church worship service to be our entertainment. Gareth J. Goosen, the author has written a phenomenal book on how our lives and worship should come together. And how worshiping God should be something that we constantly do. He also points out that there are many different forms of worship. To quote from the book, "When our focus deteriorates to style, preference, and format, it is no longer worship."

 Some people will change churches based on the style of the worship service, maybe the music and how it is delivered. This is actually something we shouldn't do. The author goes on to say that worship is not something we should sit on the side lines and watch but should be something we should participate in.

 We give up ourselves as we stand before our Lord and worship Him. It will cost us, but there is nothing more important than being with our Lord and showing Him how much He means to us. The author has given a wonderful commentary on worship and how it should infiltrate every part of our lives.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from bookfun.org.

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