Friday, December 27, 2013

Review: The Wanderers by:Paul Stutzman

About the Book:
 An Amish Love Story About Hope and Finding Home

 Everything in God's nature, Johnny observed, did what it was created to do. Everything, that is, except the human race. 

 Johnny was born into an Amish family, into a long line of farmers and good businessmen. He is expected to follow the traditions of family and church as he grows to adulthood. But even as a boy, he questions whether he can be satisfied with this lifestyle. He wants "more" - more education, more travel, more opportunity. His restlessness leads him down a dangerous road where too much partying and drinking result in heartbreaking consequences. He's adrift, and no one seems to be able to help him find his direction. Then he meets spunky Annie, who seems pure and lovely and devoted to her God.

 Her past, though, holds sin and heartbreak. She was a worm, she explains, but God has transformed her into a butterfly. Johnny falls hopelessly in love; and eventually he, too, finds the power of God to transform lives. Settling down on the family farm, he forgets about the questions and the restlessness, thinking that he is happy and at home, at last. But in a few short hours, tragedy changes his life forever, and he is again wondering... and wandering on a very long journey. 

 Entwined with Johnny and Annie's story is the allegory of two Monarch butterflies, worms who have been transformed into amazing creatures specially chosen to carry out the miracle of the fourth generation. They, too, must undertake a long journey before they finally find home.

About the Author:
 Paul Stutzman resides in Berlin, Ohio, the heart of Amish Country, and he writes from his lifelong experiences within that culture. In his first book of the Wanderers series, he uses fiction and allegory to share what he has discovered on his own journey home. Learn more about this author and his two previous books at

My Review:
 Johnny is an Amish boy that grows up with the right influences to guide him, such as a loving family and a good church community. But soon he starts down a road that maybe too much for him to come back from. At first it seems all he cares about is getting as far as he can away from that family and lifestyle. After a night partying and seeing some very tragic and very real events unfold before his eyes, he starts to shift ever slightly towards God and the will,still yet unknown, that He may have for his life.

 His mother and sister soon realize that maybe if he discovered a girl that was very God fearing that maybe he could be kept on the straight and narrow. So its not long before they discover Annie, a new girl in town from Indiana. Soon you can tell that she isn't having any of his fast track social life. And you would think that he would turn away from her because of it, but that's not the case at all, he is smitten.

 I have never read any of Paul Stutzman's books. The thing that drew me to this one is the fact it is Amish fiction, which if anyone is a regular reader of this book blog you know I love the Amish. He has written a very good book. I was immediately draw in to the characters and their lives. The Wanderers is the perfect book that walks the line of the perfect Amish life along with the struggles I'm sure they sometimes feel.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.