Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: The Secret Underground by:Natalie Bahm

The Secret Underground
About the Book:
Twelve-year-old Ally is the only witness to a bank robbery in her small town. Unable to block out the memory of the robbers, a notorious gang known as the Gauze Men, Ally joins her little brother and a bunch of neighborhood boys digging a hole in her backyard.

Only the hole isn't just a hole - it's a massive set of tunnels snaking beneath the neighborhood and heading for an abandoned steel mill. Ally is old enough to know the danger, but she reasons spending time with sixth-grade heartthrob Paul is more fun than sitting at home with her worries. And dangerous it is - none of the kids' parents realize the tunnels exist, but the Gauze Men might.

100% of proceeds from this book will be donated to help a baby boy named Jayden, and contribute toward his family's massive medical expenses. Jayden suffers from a combination of congenital problems including Hirschsprung's disease.

About the Author:
Natalie Bahm has four very little children and one normal-sized husband. When she's not changing diapers, scrubbing toilets, picking up toys, making food, or cleaning dog vomit off the carpet, you might find her writing stories.

My Review:
 Twelve year Ally just wants to go to the movies with her best friend, Gracie, but her mom sends her little brother with her. Ally was already not too thrilled with that idea when her little brother, Eric decides to run after a sound he heard shortly after the movie. So of course Ally has to run after him and the things they see after that seem to change their lives forever. The local bank that is right down the block from the movie theater gets robbed and Ally along with her brother see the bank robbers.

 After all the commotion starts to die down Eric goes along with life as usual, but poor Ally struggles with the somewhat traumatic incident. Ally soon starts to barricade herself in her home not wanting to get out and do things. But her brother he starts digging a hole in the back yard and won't stop. To everyone's amazement even Ally's, they soon learn he is on to something and this something is going to lead to something big.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.