Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Studies In World History Vol. 1 by:Dr. James Stobaugh


About the Book:
Creation Through the age of Discovery (6000 BC to AD 1500)
  • Chronologically based, but focused more on skill development
  • Meant to be a 20 to 30 minute experience every day
  • World history is combined with social studies in a one-year course.
The Jr. High School student will see history come to life no matter what their pace or ability. Developed by Dr. James Stobaugh, the courses grow in difficulty with each year, preparing students for high school work. This is a comprehensive examination of history, geography, economics, and government systems. This educational set equips students to learn from a starting point of God's creation of the world and move forward with a solid biblically-based worldview.
Volume I Covers - The Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Greece, Christian history, and more.
About the Author:
Dr. James Stobaugh was a Merrill Fellow at Harvard and holds degrees from Vanderbilt and Rutgers universities, and Princeton and Gordon-Conwell seminaries. An experienced teacher, he is a recognized leader in homeschooling and has published numerous books for students and teachers. He and his wife Karen have homeschooled their four children since 1985.

My Review:
 Perfect for the middle-schooler in your household. This world history curriculum is loaded with everything your child will need to learn about the world around him. The author is no stranger to intact and on point, well researched History. I have reviewed his curriculum in past here and here. He covers everything beautifully well and is able to get the child to learn more about any given place or situation in history. Your junior high student will find his texts to be very simple to understand. Published by Master Books you just simply couldn't get any better.

 Studies In World History Vol. 1, has 34 short chapters and each chapter has discussion questions at the end of it. The author covers the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Greece, Christian history, and more. This particular volume is to be consumed in one year and is to be used for 20 to 30 minutes a day. In the teachers guide there are more options to add to each lesson to further expand on what the student has already learned. The following categories listed in the teachers guide are features, workflow, lesson scheduling, weekly exams, and grading.

 I really like this curriculum because it is easy to use and all laid out for me. My boys like it because it is short & sweet and gets right to the point. Totally consumable, you are given permission by the publishers to print from the book for your private home use, so that is a plus if you wanted to use it with multiple children. The price for the student book is $23.99 or you can get the student text and the teacher guide together for $43.98. So a great buy! Those are available here. You can also get more volumes that cover other parts of history. And there is a downloadable version for a lower price available as well.

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**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge my honest review from Master Books/NLPG through the Moms of Master Books Blogging program.

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