Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Riley Mae&the Sole Fire Safari by:Jill Osborne

 Riley Mae and the Sole Fire Safari
About the Book:
Train your feet: Ignite your soul.

Pre-teen shoe model Riley Mae laces up her flaming orange Sole Fire running shoes for another ad campaign in the third book of the Faithgirlz! Good News Shoes series.Kenya, Africa is the perfect place for runners to train, with its high elevation and encouragement from members of the famous Kalenjin tribe. It s also a great hiding place for Riley and her Swiftriver friends from enemies back in theUnited States, but for how long? Adjusting to African culture is difficult, but by doing work she's not accustomed to and by spending time with the kids and the Christian women in the village, Riley finds herself growing stronger physically, and praying expectantly for ways that God can use her to spread the Good News. Her prayers are answered in exciting and startling ways when Riley meets an orphaned girl seeking answers at a children s home in Nairobi, but also when an error in judgment causes her to stumble into a surprise meeting with the enemy."

About the Author:
Jill Osborne works in children’s ministry and has a passion for telling great stories. She has written plays, skits for youth groups and Sunday morning drama teams, curriculum for children’s ministry, countless articles for her church newsletter, and a blog about taking a sabbatical in a motor home. Good News Shoes is her first series for kids, and she plans to run with it! 

My Review:
 Off on another high flying adventure with Riley Mae and the crew. She and the crew are headed to the wilds of Africa for another ad campaign for the Sole Fire running shoe. Riley Mae is immediately drawn to the women and children of the village of the Kalenjin tribe. She feels like God is wanting her to help these people and she finds herself wanting to help them. She prays for direction and guidance and of course God answers her prayers in fun and exciting ways! 

 God has a plan for our life that is usually so unlike our own. If you are open to it and you ask God for it, He can take you on a wild, amazing ride. And this is exactly what Riley Mae experiences as well as her mom and friends. They are thrown into another culture and climate very unlike their own but instead of failing they soar! This is the third book in the Faithgirlz series, and it is exciting to see how God uses this young girl to spread His love beyond the borders of the United States.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Look.

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