Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Round the Bend by:Alistair McGuinness

 Round the Bend: From Luton to Peru to Ningaloo, a Search for Life After Redundancy
About the Book:
From the Amazon to the Andes and Kilimanjaro to Cape Town. This adventure story captures the reality and exhilaration of leaving home to undertake Gap Year travel in South America, Africa, Fiji and Australia.

Three things happened simultaneously. The lioness charged, Alistair fled across the parched savannah and his wife screamed for him to run faster. Stuffed deep inside his tattered rucksack was a guidebook containing advice on what to do in wildlife emergencies, which he planned to read if he survived the next thirty seconds. Future plans to climb Kilimanjaro, teach English in the Amazon and live in Australia were temporarily forgotten as he turned to face the pouncing lioness, thinking back to the words of advice from his mother-in-law. "Don't do anything silly, and look after Francine." From deep underground in a remote Bolivian mine to the scorched Australian outback, Round the Bend is an adventure travel story. It explores the turbulence of redundancy, the excitement of travel, the anguish of leaving home and the challenges of starting a new life in Australia.

About the Author:
Alistair always had a yearning for adventure travel and his gap year moment arrived via an unexpected redundancy cheque. 44 countries and four decades later, Alistair now calls Australia home. He lives between the beach and the forest with his wife, 2 young boys and a fun puppy called Peppi.

My Review:
What a fantastic adventure!

 The surprise, vigor and fear that this couple possess in their ride of fantasy really takes you to the heart of it all and teaches you to embrace the moment for all its worth. The two of them Alistair and Fran do some amazing things that few of us ever get the chance of experiencing. The stories that they will be able to tell their grandchildren one day is beyond priceless. The author is able to capture the breathtaking adventure in each single, solitary word that leaves you begging for more.

 The no nonsense approach that the two of them face life with is simply refreshing. You just don't meat many people that are like that. I don't read and review many travel type books and this one is far from boring. You will keep turning the page just to find out what happens next. If you have a sense of adventure and enthusiasm then this is the book for you!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Pump Up Your Book and the author.

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