Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: UFM Underwear For Men Adjustable Boxer Briefs

About the Product:
You’ve felt it: the heat, the sweating, the movement, the falling out, the bouncing around and especially the chafing…. all because your mens underwear lacks isolation and support.
At Underwear For Men, we’ve challenged this problem in mens underwear, engineering a drawstring conduit adjustability system that can’t be seen from the outside, or felt from the inside. The capabilities of this adjustable pouch are “mind-blowing”.

Each pair of UFM Underwear for Men Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear can be adjusted by the wearer until they receive a desired level of isolation, comfort, and support. Once you wear a pair of UFM Underwear for Men, you will never wear another brand or style of mens underwear again. Say good bye to chafing for ever.  Learn more about the UFM Mens Underwear adjustable pouch anti chafing Technology.

My Review:
 I gave this great product to my husband to test because as you probably already knew I'm not a guy. But that is besides the point. First of all he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that these are made out of spandex type material. He really enjoyed the fact they are adjustable. He has never been able to find underwear to support him properly. He is always replacing underwear because of a medical condotion he has that requires underwear with lots of support. So I was hoping this product would good rave reviews from him.

 I was not disappointed and neither was he. He said he feels so much lighter and the pain in his lower abdomen has lessened considerably as a result of the adjustable part of this underwear. He is very happy! The pair we reviewed were the black choice and we reviewed the medium sized ones. He really liked them and that made my day. They have a wide waist band, wider than normal briefs. There has been no buckling of the waist band or any break down in the elastic part of the waist band. He really is happy with the product and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for better support.

 Ladies, if your guy is looking for an adjustable underwear these would work great. They are adjustable by a hidden drawstring located safely inside the product. He can adjust as needed. If you would like to learn more, you can here.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge or at a discounted rate for my honest review from
the seller.