Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: Thumperino Superbunny and the Pirates of the High Seas by:Amber L. Spradlin

About the Book:
Thumperino is an adventurous house rabbit blessed with super-powers and a duty to make the world a better place. Hollywood Book Reviews heralds it as “…an entertaining, imaginative, and thoughtful adventure story about a superhero with the ingenuity of Sherlock Holmes…something children will enjoy.”
Thumperino is assisted in this adventure by his best friend Veronica, a therapy rabbit who lives at the New York Public library. Together the two browse through all the wonderful books available at the library in order to prepare the Superbunny for his upcoming vacation to the Caribbean. Their quest for knowledge leads them to discover that there is a veterinary research school on the island, which may hold secret clues about Thumperino’s super-powers. Once he lands in the tropical paradise Thumperino soon finds it’s not all fun in the sun. Someone is polluting the sea with garbage and it’s up to Thumperino Superbunny to get to the bottom of the mess. But his mission may be doomed when he unexpectedly tangles with a band of pirates. Will a surprising new super-power and the skills he learned at the library help him save the day or will he have to walk the plank?
About the Author:
Amber L. Spradlin is the author and creator of the action hero series Thumperino Superbunny and the newly released You-Color-It Storybook A Cow Named Cow. Her works have won the Creative Child magazine Book of the Year Award, the Pacific Book Award, and the National Indie Excellence Award. Ms. Spradlin regularly presents author visits at libraries around the country where she reads live action segments of her books. She is a partner with the New York based theatrical production company G&W Entertainment, a member of Grammy (NARAS – National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), a graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama in Seattle, and was nominated for the Kennedy Center's Irene Ryan Acting Award.

My Review:
 Follow along in the latest addition to the Thumperino Superbunny series as Thumperino Superbunny is allowed to go on a vacation with the Red Haired Lady and the Singing Man to an island in the West Indies--St. Kitts. Soon he is able to take in clean ocean air after a not so boring trip to the library to learn more about this mysterious island.

 He quickly sees that this adventure is going to turn into something more than just relaxing in the sun drinking fun umbrella drinks. He is off on his latest adventure to find out the who's and why's behind the garbage being dumped into this tropical place. But will an encounter with a band of pirates put a stop to him doing good for others before he can even get started?

 This book is a chapter book for the 9-12 age group. The wording is perfect for this age group. There are some beautifully done illustrations. They aren't in color and that was a little disappointing and I felt that it drew away from the greatness of the story, but still an overall good read!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Bostick Communications.