Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: The Day I Was Crucified by:Gene Edwards

 The Day I was Crucified: As Told by Christ Himself
About the Book:
The most powerful depiction of the death of Christ ever written. See that infamous day not through the eyes, nor the voice of other men, but rather through the eyes and voice of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He tells you of that day.
There has never been a more stunning, more heart-touching piece of Christian literature to be found in the English language as is The Day I Was Crucified.
Because it is His account of His own death, you will discover little known aspects of Christ's death. You are also ushered into a presentation of the Lord's death as seen from the viewpoint of principalities and powers as they gather on Golgatha. You will meet the embodiment of the law, of sin, and the world system…even the personification of Death as he arrives on the scene to claim his victim.
The Day I Was Crucified stands out as literary excellence apart from virtually any books known in the modern era.

My Review:
 Oh!, only to know the real account of how Jesus truly felt would be such a helpful connection for many of us. Gene Edwards gives us a very compelling, a very gripping account of how he believes Jesus may of felt while taking on the sin of the world. What a master craftsman with words, the author was for this book. In such a short amount of time, in approximately a little over 200 pages, the author manages to pull you in to the fury known as the days before Jesus was to take his place on the cross. He invites you a seat on the sideline to watch in amazement as the events unfold---an amazing event indeed.

 Not only does the author give us the reader a fictional account that will shake you to the core, he also provides you with the melding of the four Gospels to show everything placed in it's proper order with times and dates and no stone being left unturned. A brilliant work of art is this book, nothing I have ever read was as much fun as this book. The only thing more complete would be to know Jesus' real thoughts on that day. Great fiction based Biblical account!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.