Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: A Flag for the Flying Dragon by:Carole P. Roman

A Flag for the Flying Dragon: A Captain No Beard Story
About the Book:
It's business as usual on the Flying Dragon. Their mission is to find a flag for the ship. Captain No Beard sighs, "Being a captain is hard work," as he watches the busy crew preparing the vessel for their next adventure. Polly is giving out pretzels; Linus is polishing a lamp. Matie is cracking coconuts, Cayla is stuffing holes, and Hallie is swabbing the deck. High overhead, trouble is brewing, and it is not the weather. Mongo does not want any help from the newest crew member, and it is creating a hurricane of a mess on board. The team must come together and find a task that will fit Zachary without interfering with their own fun. On the way, they acquire a flag that will unite them as both friends and crew. Join the problem-solving crew of the Flying Dragon as they find a flag for their ship and a job for Zach.

My Review:
 There is never a dull moment when you discuss the fate of the Flying Dragon. It is always business as usual and today is no different. All the crew members are busy with their daily duties when trouble is getting served up in a pot with a straw. There is a new crew member added to the crew and it is going to take some getting use to. A job has to be found for him for the crew to work properly. Will the captain find something to bring the friends together in time or will everyone jump ship?

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.