Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: Blossoms on the Roof by:Rebecca Martin

Blossoms on the Roof (The Amish Frontier #1)
About the Book:
The year 1894 brings hard times to the Yoders. When Father reads that free land is available in faraway North Dakota, the family packs up, says goodbye to family and friends, and boards the train for what they believe will be a better life out West. As soon as they step from the train onto the windswept prairie, however, they realize they have much to learn about homesteading.

They hurry to build their thatched-roof, sod house even as they plant a garden and till the fields. With each new experience—including the wildfire and long cold winter—they learn to trust God, embrace the pioneer spirit, and watch hardship turn into valuable life lessons.

Based on actual events from a time long ago, this unforgettable story from The Amish Frontier Series, perfect for ages 8 to 12, brings to life the Yoder family’s move from a close-knit community to a pioneer life where they quickly discover how God is faithful to help in every situation.

My Review:
 Amish living in the great west of the 1800's, where the living is hard and arduous but being surrounded by family can get you through anything. The Yoder family know this all to well as they embark on a journey without extended family close by and move across country from Indiana to North Dakota. They learn all to quickly that life is to be difficult and they will have to start from scratch and they have to move quickly if they are to get everything accomplished in time. 

 Pioneer spirit is more than just freewill living and independence it is about trusting God with all that you have good or bad and digging your heels in deep when times get tough. True grit and determination is what sees the Yoder family through but their faith will be tested through these things. Will God see them through when they need it the most?

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Harvest House.

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