Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Holy Bible NIrV by:Zondervan Publishing

NIRV Outreach Bible
About the Book:
This low-cost New International Reader's Version Bible (NIrV) is affordably priced for giving away, and is a very effective translation for children, those reading English as a second language (ESL), and street and prison outreach. Easily understood, this true translation was adapted with care from the best-selling New International Version (NIV) and uses short sentences and simpler words at a 3rd Grade reading level. This Bible is perfect for those learning to read and is enhanced by the larger 9.5 point Bible text size. Notes are provided that include the story of God and his creation in five parts and an invitation to join in this story. It also includes a dictionary of terms. Features: * Low-cost paperback, 1344 pages * Larger 9.5 point Bible text * Individual introductions to each Biblical Book * 2 column format * Old and New Testament Maps *

My Review:
 Bibles are the all the rage in our home we have several different versions because my husband is a minister and my daughter is also going to school to be a minister. We have several versions available just for them but the whole family is able to use them. I am here to tell you they can get very expensive. I paid $60 for mine but it had a lot of bells and whistles. 

 If you want a standard really easy to use version with OUT all the bells and whistles than this is the Bible for you. It is simple and it is used as an outreach Bible. It was cheap to make and it's priced so that it is easy to give away. But really anyone could use it and it can still get the job done. 

 It is paperback and pretty large at a little over 1300 pages. The wording is simple and easy to understand and it looks to be average or standard size print. It even has some maps included. Perfect for Sunday school distribution.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review through my participation on the Z Blog Squad.

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