Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review: Curio by:Evangeline Denmark

About the Book:
Grey Haward has always detested the Chemists, the magicians-come-scientists who rule her small western town. But she has always followed the rules, taking the potion the Chemists ration out that helps the town’s people survive. A potion that Grey suspects she—like her grandfather and father—may not actually need.

By working at her grandfather’s repair shop, sorting the small gears and dusting the curio cabinet inside, Grey has tried to stay unnoticed—or as unnoticed as a tall, strong girl can in a town of diminutive, underdeveloped citizens. Then her best friend, Whit, is caught by the Chemists’ enforcers after trying to protect Grey one night, and after seeing the extent of his punishment, suddenly taking risks seems the only decision she can make.

But with the risk comes the reality that the Chemists know her family’s secret, and the Chemists soon decide to use her for their own purposes. Panicked, Grey retreats to the only safe place she knows—her grandfather’s shop. There, however, a larger secret confronts her when her touch unlocks the old curio cabinet in the corner and reveals a world where porcelain and clockwork people are real. There, she could find the key that may save Whit’s life and also end the Chemists’ dark rule forever.

My Review:
Grey Haward knows that the way the Chemists treat everyone is totally wrong but she never had the urge to do something about it. That is until her dear friend Whit is taken for his striping, after helping her. The laws have gone to far this time and Grey is determined to do something about it. So she decides to take her potion to Whit, causing one of the Chemists to show up at her home.

With her father in danger, Grey races for her family store and there she learn of a secret kept quiet by her family for years. A curio with a secret opening with blood as the key. Once inside the curio she is thrown into and alternate universe full of porcies and tocks, each striving to be perfect for their creator. But someone lurks in the shadows, watching the porcies idiotic plights. Not only have they never seen his face nor do they know his true name, but yet they fear him. He is none other than Mad Tock, the one man who wants nothing more than to have Grey in his presences but first he must deal with a porcie with far to much power.

With everything Grey has ever known being thrown upside down she must find the man they can help her fight the Chemists, if only she knew who he was.

Curio is a wonderful novel full of action and adventure. This book has an amazing way of drawing you in and never letting you go. I really hope this will become a series, because I really want to see what happens next!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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