Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Basic Pre-Med Curriculum Pack

Basic Pre-Med (Curriculum Pack)
About the Product:
Turn sniffles into a teachable moment! Learn about the history of germs and the mechanisms of life in this two-book course on biology! How diseases mutate, ways science tries to stop them, our natural built-in defenses, human development, genetic functions, patterns in life — all combined for a unique, in-depth exploration encouraging students to learn.

Weekly Lesson Schedule
Student Worksheets
Quizzes & Test
Answer Key
8th - 9th Grade
1 Year
Biology ½ Credit

Package Includes:
The Genesis of Germs
The Building Blocks in Life Science
Lesson Plan

My Review:
 It's not easy looking for electives for your high schooler. But Master Books has a great selection for you to add to. They have curriculum packs that are a homeschool family's best friend. these books are packaged and ready and set for you to get started on all things high school. They make the process so much easier. So don't fret homeschool mom, this new journey is an easy one and you can check out Master Books too see just how easy it really is.

 Even if your student is not a future doctor or scientist you can still use this elective. I feel like it will further my son's knowledge on germs and diseases and we needed another elective so this fits the bill for our situation.

 This curriculum pack is good for 1 year but only gets you a half credit. The book is divided up into 2 semesters one for Microbiology and the second one for Life Science. It is for grades 8th or 9th. It has all you will need to teach your child, so no other books should be necessary. I feel like my son had already a readiness for this one based on past science courses he had already taken. These curriculum packs have all you will need to get started all the texts you need plus the answer keys and tests. An all inclusive curriculum that serves the perfect purpose to fill in that dangling elective that you aren't sure what you will get to fill the place of.

 The price is for the physical product is $34.02 and is available at this link.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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