Monday, April 4, 2016

Review: Thank God for Atheists by:Timothy Morgan

Thank God for Atheists
About the Book:
“The greatest authors of atheism did more to push me toward belief in God than any Christian apologist writer.”  —Timothy Morgan

After a decade of major disappointments, Timothy Morgan was ready to reject God. Atheism offered an escape—an opportunity to dismiss God permanently.

But as Morgan delved into the thinking of great atheists past and present, he was stunned. In book after book, he found their reasons for rejecting God to be intellectually unfulfilling.

In Thank God for Atheists he candidly shares his journey by letting atheists speak for themselves, examining their logic to see whether it holds up or not. Along the way, deals with these key questions:

What are the key elements of the atheist worldview? Who are the leading modern-day atheists, and what are they saying? How can you effectively respond to atheism?
You’ll find this a personal and thoughtful book on why the evidence for God is much more compelling than the evidence against Him.

My Review:
 The author was looking for an escape route one away from God. Isn't something to want to get as far away from a God you can never truly get far enough away from. The author had, had enough disappointments, he just wanted to be done with it all. He writes Thank God for Atheists, after a long journey of reviewing the skeptics and what they had to say only to discover after much research and forethought that he would run back into his Father's arms. It is a perfect illustration of a prodigal moment I thought as I reviewed the book.

 You can tell that the author in his writing tries to remain unbiased either way and I was glad because for people out there trying decide if this is the lifestyle for them--following Christ, they truly need a straight up comparison. Hands down God will always win out. It is a shame to know that there are people out there that truly believe that He doesn't exist. It is very upsetting. I wish more people could see the things that the author saw and I wish many would read his findings. A very honest book with a real tone that applies to us and is very relevant to today's world.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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