Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: Fading Starlight by:Kathryn Cushman

 Fading Starlight
About the Book:
A Tale of Unexpected Friendship and Old Hollywood Glamour

Lauren Summers is hiding. Her fashion house internship should have launched her career, but a red carpet accident has left her blackballed. The only job she finds is unpaid, but comes with free lodging--a run-down cottage in the shadow of a cliff-side mansion. Unsure of what comes next, she's surprised to be contacted by a reporter researching a reclusive former Hollywood ingEnue who lives in the nearby mansion.

Kendall Joiner wants Lauren's help uncovering the old woman's secrets. In return, she'll prove the red carpet accident was a publicity stunt so Lauren can regain her former job. With all her dreams in front of her, Lauren's tempted by the offer, but as she and the old woman get to know each other, Lauren realizes nothing is quite as it seems.

My Review:
Lauren Summers’ dreams have finally come true. She finally got the intern position at a well known fashion house, she finally drew up the dress of her dreams and it was created. Now the moment she has been waiting for all her life. Her dress is now being modeled by a well known model for all the world to see. Everything is playing out perfect, until the dress decides to fall apart, suddenly her dream has turned into her worse nightmare.

Paparazzi is everywhere hoping to get a glimpse at the failure of an intern. With the help of some friends, she is hiding out in a small town. Luckily she has a job even though there really isn’t to much pay for a school play costume creator. And a house, a really small cottage with a huge mansion across the street staring back at her. When she meets Charlotte Montgomery, Lauren learns that she is truly different. She soon befriends this woman and is left with an awful decision.

Would Lauren really do anything to get her dreams reestablished? Even telling all of her new friend’s secrets to a reporter hoping to get some dirt?

Fading Starlight is a wonderful book of surprises and deception. I really, really enjoyed this book! This author definitely has a way with words. I hope to read many more books by this author.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.