Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review&Giveaway: Invest & Investigate with Sid the Science Kid Season 1 Volume 3 DVD

Sid the Science Kid: Invent & Investigate V.3
About the DVD:
Sid The Science Kid: Invent & Investigate - Volume 3 - Sid the Science KidTM is an inquisitive little boy who uses comedy to tackle questions kids have about basic scientific principles. Why do things work the way they do? He tries to answer each question and solve problems with the help of Teacher Susie, Sid's family as well as his classmates, May, Gerald and Gabriela. In this third volume, Sid and his friends learn all about simple machines, how animals communicate, the importance of dirt, what makes leaves special, bugs and more! Let's invent and investigate with our favorite scientist, Sid the Science Kid!.
My Review:
 My family loves N Circle Entertainment and their magnificent creations. They have some of the educational movies for young children out there. Sid the Science Kid is a family favorite, as well. Sid is a little boy that always wants to know the how and why about the most simplest things. The latest season set is no different. In the Season 1 Volume 3 of Invent &Investigate, Sid along with his friends learn about simple machines, how animals communicate and many, many more science related things that are utterly fascinating.

 Sid has so much going during this season. It is literally packed with Science goodness. It is a must have for your preschooler. Age range for this product is preschool and up. But our whole family enjoys Sid the Science Kid. Retails for $12.99, at this link. If you want a chance to win your own copy, enter below!

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge from N Circle Entertainment in exchange for my honest review.