Monday, March 27, 2017

Review: Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness by:Charles F. Stanley

 Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness: How Pain Reveals His Deepest Love
About the Book:
Is it possible to be broken and blessed at the same time?

Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, from health crises to broken relationships. How can we stay strong in our faith in spite of these obstacles? Trusted pastor and bestselling author Dr. Charles F. Stanley answers these questions and more in Finding God’s Blessings in Brokenness. “Affliction acts as spiritual fertilizer on a believer’s faith,” he says, and can enrich our hearts and spirit.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced circumstances so shattering that you may wonder if it’s even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can’t. But God can—and the good news is He wants to reassemble the shards of your life into a wholeness that comes only from Him.

My Review:
 Charles Stanley if you have ever seen him on television and listen to him speak you quickly realize he seems to be a quiet spirit. Leading his flock but always gets straight to the point without a hitch or obstacle in the way. It is always very important to make sure we all understand him and the thoughts of the Father that he is trying to convey.

 When in pain we tend to look for a way out only half-heartedly. I don't know whether we are weak from looking for a way out or we just don't care that much anymore. Its hard to move on from the brokenness. Its hard to stand back up and fight. We get weak from hit after hit after hit. God tries to help us but He can't do much unless we plead for Him to step in.

 Throughout the book Pastor Stanley takes us through some of the thoughts and emotions that may be plaguing us and shows us that it is in those difficult places God reveals Himself.

 This book is hard cover and just 160 pages of inspiration and it would make a great gift book.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.