Thursday, April 6, 2017

Review: Do Your Children Believe? by:Terence Chatmon

 Do Your Children Believe?: Becoming Intentional About Your Family's Faith and Spiritual Legacy
About the Book:
Are your children ready to live out their faith in the real world?

Most parents who value Christian faith want their children to enjoy a vibrant, growing relationship with God, both now and throughout their lives. But few of those parents ever attach this hope to an ongoing plan; therefore, they fail to lay a reliable spiritual track in front of the fast-moving train of family life. This book is a junction point where deep parental desire meets workable design and where timid inadequacy meets Christ’s sufficiency. It’s where individual families become multiplication factories, exerting a lasting impact not only on their coming generations but even on the culture at large.

The death of Joshua and his contemporaries was barely old news in Israel before the people of God experienced a Judges 2:10 moment: “There arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord or the work that he had done” (ESV). One generation is all it takes. One generation who stops remembering. One generation who stops creating. One generation blinded to God’s real work in their lives who then subtly quiets the expectation of His new work in succeeding generations.

My Review:
 As a parent you should want a strong foundation in them that seeks only to please God and become more Christlike. I know for me that is a daily prayer. I pray that my children turn out to be good people and that they do everything in their power to keep seeking after God and all He wants for their lives. As a mother, that is getting closer and closer to the grace and also seeing what the world is becoming I am in fear if the world that is competing for my children's souls will actually win the struggle. It is so imperative as parents that we pray for God to protect them and to never let them out of His grasp. 

 The author through his own personal experiences takes us to a place that as a parent I am definitely eager to go and I think most of us as parents should be. A place of surrendering to God our babies. Pleading with Him to protect them and cover them away from this cruel, cruel world. The author suggests that instead of doing a genealogy run down with your children that an even better idea is to do a spiritual one where you explain to them what God has done in each of the lives of the family members.

 I really like this idea. This is something that we have already started with our kids hopefully they will remember these stories long after we are gone so that when they have struggles it will be easier to look back and remember that we all did and what we did to overcome each and every one of them.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.