Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review: Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart by:Glenys Nellist

 Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart
About the Book:
In this heart-warming picture book designed for girls, author Glenys Nellist tells the inspiring stories of incredible women in the Bible. With beautiful illustrations by Rachel Clowes and sweet lift-the-flap envelopes, each story delivers a special message for children to open as they read their own personal love letters from God. Full of warmth and love, this picture book will fill girls’ hearts with the wonder of the Lord. The stories of Eve, Miriam, Rahab, Mary, and many more will delight children and remind them of the bond they can share with God, just like the women of the Bible.

My Review:
 It's few and far between these days that you can find encouragement for young girls. These days things are centered around treating them in not a Godly way. But thankfully, there are still some people out there like Glenys Nellist that still write what God has laid on their hearts to share with young girls. My daughter is grown now but she never tires of reading the author's books and we hope to share with her daughters one day the love that God has for them.

 In this lift-the-flap-book, you can find stories of young girls from the Bible that will lift up and encourage the young girls of today. These girls fought to do right by the Almighty and God allowed them to win that fight. I like to think that God is more than a little partial to us girls. He says such great things to us. He loves us all and only wishes the best for us. A great inspiring read for ages 4-8 but momma liked it too!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.