Monday, September 25, 2017

Review: From Hot Mess to Blessed by:Julie K. Gillies

 From Hot Mess to Blessed: Hope to Propel Your Soul and the Promises That Change Everything
About the Book:
Dare to Believe

Every woman struggles to believe she is who God says she is and to believe the stunning promises He whispers to her heart. But when you're a hot mess (and we all are to one degree or another), it's hard to imagine things can be different—that you can be different.

Author Julie Gillies has experienced broken dreams, trauma, and plenty of drama, but she has also encountered the holy hope and promises of God. She longs to help you...

understand your identity in Christ instead of believing "I'll always be this way"
embrace your true significance instead of feeling less-than
hold on to peace instead of freaking out when hard things keep happening
grasp your God-given destiny and begin walking in it
It's not that God doesn't bless hot messes. (If that were the case, where would any of us be?) But you don't have to remain a hot mess. It's time to receive and experience God's hope and promises in a fresh way!

Includes questions for group study or personal reflection.

My Review:
 Daily living in this world, is just plain hard. We strive every day to make our lives better to only have it met with defeat. You do and do thinking you are getting ahead and then the rug is pulled out from underneath you and you fall on your face again. The author instructs us to practice hope when we are all out of it. Hope is what will always keep us going. It is what keeps us striving onward to the destiny that God has chosen for us.

 Many times when we are put under insurmountable stresses and situations, we crumble in despair. We have to learn how to turn the page. How to get back up and dust ourselves off and begin again. Faith changes things. Faith takes us through the valley and up on the mountain and it is the one thing that keeps us hanging on even when there seems to be no other way to conquer a trail.

 The author describes something that happened in her life that affected her faith deeply. She then proceeds to show the readers what helped her get through it through first hand experience.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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