Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Review: God in the Dark by:Sarah Van Diest

 God in the Dark: 31 Devotions to Let the Light Back in
About the Book:
Life's painful trials can bring shame about our inadequate and broken faith. There is relief in hearing the expressions of desperation in the psalmist's voice. He didn't experience this life perfected, and we don't either. But the psalmist was loved. So are we.

God was so kind to give us the Psalms.

To walk through darkened days is part of the human experience. To walk through them with faith, comfort, strength, joy, and hope is part of the divine experience. Our eyes, though, are often clouded to those blessings by the thing oppressing us. When we remember and recognize our Father's faithfulness, when we see reality with the eyes of understanding, the darkness ebbs and the light of hope grows. The impossible, unbearable, and unthinkable becomes the hidden passageway to truth, hope, and joy in Christ.

These letters were originally written as encouragement to a friend when the darkness began to overtake his path. Each day for 22 days, a letter arrived with one of the eight-verse sections from Psalm 119 along with a small thought to bring light and hope and to be a reminder that we do not fight our battles alone. The letters, along with nine more devotions on the subject of experiencing God in the dark, make up this powerful, honest, hope-filled 31-day devotional.

My Review:
  Each day that I wake up, I still find that I need God more and more. The older that I get I feel like He is my best friend and confidant. I can trust and rely on no one but Him. When I was younger God was always an after thought but nowadays He is my main thought.

 The author of God in the Dark is seems especially keen to this way of thinking, as well. She sees God in all she does not just something to do. She gets down to the heart of things. Many of the thoughts and focusing she did this this tiny book shoot straight through and can get to you in a heartbeat. She is definitely a wordsmith.

 This small devotional contains 31 days worth of devotions and tried and true thoughts and feelings to show you God and its just the right size for gift giving.

An amazing read!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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