Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Choosing the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Your Best Year Yet!

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Choosing the home school curriculum for the school year isn't an easy task. I'm a veteran home school mom and have home schooled my children for 13 years. Based on that alone I should know "my stuff". But even I have issues each year. I am currently finishing up with my oldest son who will graduate this May. I am also working with my middle son that is in 10th grade and will graduate May 2021. Then there is my little caboose that is currently in 4th grade. I am also a very tired mom that has a small list of health issues that effects our daily schooling life. This year my health really started to show signs of the fact that I can't do everything like I have done in previous years. So, with that being said this mama had to shake things up a bit for my little fourth grader.

 Things are a lot easier for me this year based on the fact that I have two high schoolers that are actively trying to get all their high school credits in, as quickly as possible. So their curriculum I will discuss in a later post. But when it comes to math this year for my little one; I decided to go with an online based math program. CTC Math was going to have to take the place of mom this year because I just simply couldn't devote large amounts of time teaching math to my little one. So we do standard textbook/workbook school, mainly. I usually read my History and Science aloud to my younger elementary aged children and we discuss orally what is being learned. Their math and language arts is usually done by them with mom supervising.

 My little guy is already reading, which just took off the later part of his third grade year. I was afraid that he wasn't going to get it, but thankfully he did right before we ended the school year. We decided to go with:

 Easy Grammar Plus Workbook   -     By: Wanda Phillips
Language/English: Easy Grammar Grade 4

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Math: CTC Math

Abeka Understanding God's World, Fourth Edition   -
Science: Understanding God's World

A Child's Story of America, Second Edition, Grade 4   -     By: Michael McHugh
History: A Child's Story of America
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Bible: We attend church and count this towards our Bible study. But we have been known to do family devotionals, daily. We also, sometimes do personal devotionals where I read to my son or he reads to me.

 Our home school method isn't very involved because my children are eager to begin their day doing their own thing. So we spend the day on chores, instrument practice, playing, and we watch a lot of documentaries. We have always had an eclectic home school. I try to mix and match things together for my babies. If I see something that will interest my youngest we will try it and see where it leads. I usually am a die hard on my core subjects though, especially English and Math.

 So this will be our school year. We only school Monday-Thursday. We begin in mid July and stop somewhere around Easter, and take off for a few months. That is the schedule that works for our family. I hope my thoughts and ideas were of some use to you as you begin choosing your curriculum for the upcoming school year.

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