Thursday, November 4, 2021

Review: A View Most Glorious by:Regina Scott

 A View Most Glorious (American Wonders, #3)

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

  About the Book:

Headstrong Coraline Baxter has worked all her life to be more than the spoiled socialite others expect. When her fellow suffragettes in Tacoma, Washington, suggest that she should climb to the top of Mount Rainier to prove that a woman can do anything, she instantly resolves to do it. And if she can climb Mount Rainier, her mother promises to stop pressuring her to get married to the wealthy Cash Kincaid. All Cora needs is a guide to get her to the top of the mountain.

Nathan Hardee may look like a mountain man, but he once ruled the halls of high society. He left all that behind after his father broke under financial pressure from Kincaid. To best Kincaid now, Nathan agrees to guide Cora up the mountain.

Climbing Rainier will require all of Cora's strength and will lead her and Nathan to rediscover their faith in God and humanity. These two loners make unlikely partners in righting a wrong and may just discover that only together is the view most glorious.

My Review: 

 Regina Scott is another good author that provides fantastic story telling. In her current series, "American Wonders Collection" she has taken us along on many great adventures to the Grand Canyon, to Yellowstone and finally to Mt Ranier. Each story has been glorious and each destination described beautifully. We met many dynamic characters along the way and learned so much.

 This series is nothing short of brilliant and I cant see what characters we meet in the next adventure with this author. This particular latest addition and last addition to the series takes place during the suffragettes era and during that time voting rights for women were inconceivable, at best. 

 So a woman pushing the envelope was really not the best thing to do. But in A View Most Glorious we meet some people who go beyond the "average" realm of thinking especially for a woman.

 This book is a great addition to the serious but can also be read as a stand alone book.

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