Monday, January 30, 2023

Review: Good Night, Body by:B Winn Lee

 Good Night, Body: Finding Calm from Head to Toe

About the Book:

Bedtime can be full of big emotions for kids! Calm anxious, busy thoughts with this body scan meditation designed to help kids relax and prepare for sleep. This mindfulness practice will help children let go of the worries, stress, and excitement of the day as they reach their arms like a telescope, let their mouths hang like a hammock, dance their fingers like wind chimes, and listen to their hearts beat a reassuring cadence, "you're loved, you're loved."

From Britney Winn Lee, author of popular books The Boy with Big, Big Feelings and The Girl with Big, Big Questions, comes another powerful book for helping children navigate stress, form positive self-perceptions, and strengthen their hearts and minds. Good Night, Body echoes the comforting chants of Goodnight Moon as it leads children in greeting, moving, and relaxing each body part. With lyrical text and body-positive illustrations, this mindfulness picture book guides kids in connecting with who they are inside and out.

My Review:

 With little wondering eyes and minds our children and those around us are so incredibly inquisitive. They are like little sponges soaking up the world around them. Good Night Body, is a sweet book that its intended purpose is to calm and sooth, particularly right before bedtime.

 The book starts out with each body part first getting all the wigglies out then moving on to our head and mind. Before long the tips of our toes. In a calming and soothing way to get your child focused on putting their body to sleep for the night.

 A great book with muted illustrations and a calming effect to help even the squirmiest child off to dreamland!

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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