Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Uncle Jesus by: Georgia Lee Anderson


About the Book:
 Uncle Jesus is a heartwarming story that helps us imagine what it would have been like to be Jesus’ relative while He lived on earth. Jesus had brothers, including one named Jude, the author of the Bible book of the same name. In Uncle Jesus, Jude’s fictional son, Shem, visits Grandma Mary, the mother of Jesus, and relates some first-hand experiences he had with his Uncle Jesus when He was still on earth. An inquisitive, genuine, sweet little boy, Shem asks Grandma Mary about Jesus, about his other uncles’ view of Jesus, and about her own experiences.

About the Author:
 Although currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Georgia Lee Anderson has called Chehalis,Washington, home for more than thirty years. Over the years she has been active in heading up the Sabbath School program at her church and leading out in women's ministry programs at her local church and at the conference level.
 In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Uncle Jesus has been forming in her imagination for quite some time. Once she retired it came to life. "My reason for writing this story is that I want children to know that Jesus has a family. He lived like most boys in his neighborhood. I want children to embrace the fact that they can relate to Jesus."

My Review:
 This is such a sweet story about a little boy by the name of Shem who has come along with his father Jude to visit his grandmother Mary. As the story unfolds the little boy wants to speak to his grandmother about the memories he has of his Uncle Jesus and how he misses him. There were certain memories of other instances that the boy remembers such as how he and his friends went to hear his uncle speak and how some of the disciples were a little put off by their attendance. Shem described how Jesus would hear none of it and said that the children could stay and listen. Shem was delighted that Jesus gave each one a special blessing.
 Mary also described a time and certain events that some were unaware of. About how the angel came and told her that she would bear a son and call Him Jesus. She also spoke to Shem's uncles about the angels announcing Jesus' birth to the shepherds. Then she proceeded to tell Shem about the three wise men that came to visit Jesus as a baby, how they brought Him gifts, and she showed the three empty boxes to Shem.
I always wondered about Jesus' family and what it would be like to take a moment and step into their world. I'm sure they were much like the rest of us but so much more blessed than we are; to have known such a wonderful King.

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