Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review:Born Again by: Pamela Grace

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About the Book:
  Carrie didn’t believe in God. She wanted her brother to keep his belief in Jesus to himself. She lived in a world of “Status quo” a world where shopping was her only mission in life. After being challenged by her brother to expand her world, she agreed to go on a mission trip with members from his church. She thought she was going to watch a little church be reconstructed in Haiti. Little did she dream that Jesus, whom she was about to get to know personally, was taking her to reconstruct her heart.............and be............born again.

About the Author:
  Born in Kelowna British Colombia, the author spent most of her childhood in central BC. She is a Mental Health and Special Needs Worker, with over 20 years experience in that field. Having since traveled to many places in Canada, the US and beyond, she is now settled down in central Alberta. She is a mother to one (who she raised as a single parent from his birth to grade 12), and now the beloved grandmother of a beautiful baby girl. After her son’s graduation, she was reacquainted with her first love (her son’s dad) and married him.

My Review:
 The story begins with Carrie and her brother spending some quality time together as brother and sister. Carrie is basically dared into going on a mission trip to Haiti with her brother and some other fellow church members. She decides she won't have anything else better to do so she reluctantly agrees to go along. Poor Carrie sees it as a vacation. But once she gets to Haiti she sees a whole other side she didn't expect to see. She sees the ugly side, the destruction and violence. Not too soon after she will see its true magnificence.

But before long the Lord reveals Himself in so many ways and before you know it something she didn't even think existed manifests itself right before her very eyes. Whether it is in another Christian's calm and reassuring smile. Or the touch of a little one's hand. Maybe she sees it all around her in the lives of the Haitian people that are willing to bet their life on the fact there is truly a God. Carrie will soon see all of the beauty and grace that she has been missing all this time.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for free from the author for my honest review.

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