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TOS Review: Abraham's Journey



 My Review:
 I was asked to review the book Abraham's Journey from the website Inspiring the American Dream. This is a fiction book created with the present days economy in mind. About a little boy and his family so affected by the economy that Christmas will be more than a little lean this year. Soon his perspective changes when he is transported back in time.

These days I am taken back to the days where I grew up in a home like most typical homes in the late 70's and into the 80's with the average two parent household. As a child I grew up in a blended family. I was the only child my parents shared because they had both been married previously and had children from each of those marriages. But unlike alot of my friends and children I grew up around and attended church with my family was what we considered to be poor back in those days.

As a child, birthdays consisted of a birthday cake if I was lucky, no gifts and really after the age of 8 even the cake was non-existent. I don't believe that it was because my parents were horrible people it was just because times were hard back then. Well it seems my children may get to see what those days were like because the economy seems to be having the hardest time trying to bounce back.

Well as a result I believe that you will see more books like Abraham's Journey. Books like this I think give our children something to aspire to be. It shows them that there are dreams that at times seem out of reach but dreams that need to be realized none the less. The little boy in the story Abraham gets to travel back in time and meet several people that we have only had the privilege to meet through our history books.

 The creators of this book want us all to realize the American dream is slowly evaporating. Inspiring the dream in us all is a common goal of the authors. They believe that it is the job of the educators, the parents, the grandparents to keep this dream alive in our children because if we don't it will be lost for all eternity.

Seeing dreams realized such as with Martin Luther King, Jr. his dream and Amelia Earhart her fearless flight and many more. Soon Abraham was transported through history to see that even though times are hard you shouldn't give up. It is when times are the hardest you should find a way to find that something special in yourself that you can hone in on and make things happen.

This book is probably best intended for children 8-12. The purchase price is $14.99 and is available on their website. Also an important thing to note, is that there are several definitions to a few of the terms used in the book included at the back of the book. And the authors have included some character biography summaries as well.

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