Friday, September 27, 2013

Review:Examine Your Faith by:Pamela Christian

 Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies
About the Book:
Well-meaning people want to believe that all roads lead to the same God and heaven. But wanting something to be true is far different from truth lining up with reality. Unless you make an intentional effort to examine what you believe and why you believe it, it's quite possible you are living your life on the basis of a lie, and don't know it.

- What is truth?
- Is it relative or absolute?
- Is it personal or universal? - What are the differences among the various religious faiths? Can they be blended?
- Are we creating faith--a belief system--that is impotent by trying to accept all religions as equal?

An engaging and personal, yet thoughtful and fact-filed book in Christian apologetics. Pamela Christian's desire for people to discover and live in truth is respectful and compelling.

Endorsed by Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story, among others.

About the Author:
For over twenty years, coast to coast, Pamela Christian, "the Faith Doctor" has been helping people in matters of faith. As a radio broadcaster, author, speaker and teacher, Pam compassionately wants people to confidently discover truth. She and her husband live in Orange County, CA, with their two grown children living nearby.

My Review:
 Pamela Christian has put together a wonderful commentary on faith which is the first book in a three book series. The first book, Examine Your Faith deals with the believing faith aspect and all that this entails. She invites us in the first book to really examine our own faith. The author goes through several different religions and beliefs as a way for the reader to really understand and come to their own conclusions about what they believe and how they believe.

 The author takes you step by step through different aspects of faith along her journey of learning more about why we should believe the way that we do. I liked her basic explanation of faith. Faith and believing are not the same thing. You see we believe in Jesus but we may not have whole hearted faith that he will come through for us in times of trouble. There is a definite difference in the two, the author explains. 

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from

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